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The Reason For My Hero Academia Is The Anime Worth Watching

If you’re a fan of manga, here are the reasons Super Heroes Academy: Two Heroes is an anime you can’t ignore.

Boku no Hero Academia: Two Heroes is the first film adapted from the Boku no Hero Academia manga/anime series. The event in the film takes place after the end-of-term exams and before the training camp at the Wild Wild Pussycats headquarters. All Might was invited by his old friend David Shield to attend the I Expo meeting on the artificial island of I-Island, which specializes in the study of abnormalities (Kosei). Accompanied by him is Midoriya Izuku, in addition to a number of other 1A class students are also present. They became acquainted with Melissa Shield – the daughter of David, who is studying to become an inventor like his father. But then, Midoriya and his friends’ vacation was quickly interrupted when all the inhabitants of the island were taken hostage by villain Wolfram. Now, the mission of rescuing the hostages weighed on the shoulders of All Might, Midoriya and the students of class 1A.

The film received a warm response at home in Japan as well as in the international market, especially in North America. Although it is a bit late compared to other countries, Vietnamese viewers can still enjoy this movie outside the theater from January 25. If you’re a fan of manga, here are the reasons Super Heroes Academy: Two Heroes is an anime you can’t ignore.

1. All young Might
Perhaps manga fans are always curious about things related to All Might’s past. In this film, through the memories of All Might and his old friend David Shield, we will reveal more about All Might as a child, when he just started his heroic career in the United States. Perhaps the fans will know how All Might’s ideas have been conceived, as well as his path to becoming a Symbol of Peace. Besides, we will also see All Might show 100% One for All even in his most productive period. Only with the power left after the body was destroyed and passed on One for All to Midoriya that All Might was so powerful, surely the fans want to know his strength in the golden age will Impressive.

In addition, to please fans who want to know more about All Might as a youth, Horikoshi drew another one-shot entitled “All Might: Rising”, which is included in the Two Heroes storybook that was released with the movie. This one-shot tells the story of All Might and his master Nana Shimura, as well as how his heroic ideals and sacrifices affect his path to becoming a hero later on. This one-shot will also be adapted into a 20-minute OVA attached to the soon-to-be-released Bluray version of the film.

The Reason For My Hero Academia Is The Anime Worth Watching

2. New characters
Besides the familiar characters, the film will bring us new characters. In particular, the most interesting is the father and son David Shield and Melissa Shield. David Shield has been a close friend of All Might since he first began his heroic career in the United States, and has also made costumes for him. Melissa Shield, David’s daughter is an incompetent person, so she decided to follow the path of her father in order to help the heroes in her life-saving career. Their story not only reveals another aspect of All Might but also helps the audience understand the views of the inventors – people who are not directly involved in saving people but have an undeniable role. in the career of saving heroes.

The two-story spin-off series that included the movie also has a one-shot entitled “Everyone is someone’s hero”, telling about Melissa as a child and the first time she met All Might. Under All Might’s encouragement, Melissa realized that without her ability, she could still help others by following her father’s path.



The Reason For My Hero Academia Is The Anime Worth Watching

3. I-Island artificial island
The main context of the film is the artificial island I-Island, which is home to the world’s leading scientists specializing in research on dysfunctions as well as devices that support dysfunction. Fans all know how important costumes and support devices are in the use of effective powers, like Midoriya’s way of creating Shoot Style to enhance combat flexibility thanks to the shoes. the energy boost that Hatsume Mei built. The film will introduce such a variety of attractive and diverse support tools with a more impressive number and scale, promising to be a hearty technology party for the audience.

4. The crew makes a movie
The film was made under the supervision of author Kohei Horikoshi, and the main crew of the Boku no hero academia anime series was also preserved.

The film was made under the direction of Kenji Nagasaki, the director in charge of the entire original anime series, and also the director of the Gundam Build Fighters series.

The script was written by Yousuke Kuroda, the main writer of the original anime series. He has been awarded the Best Personal Award at the 8th Animation Kobe event and has also written for much famous anime such as Honey & Clover, Gundam Build Fighters, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Trigun.

The music for the movie was performed by Yuki Hayashi. He composed the entire soundtrack for the original anime series. In addition, he is also the composer of much famous anime series such as Gundam Build Fighters, Haikyuu, Katakuri Circus or the movie One Piece: Gold.

With the aforementioned crew, fans can look forward to a film with a concise and dramatic script, eye-catching visuals and quality music just like the original anime series.

The Reason For My Hero Academia Is The Anime Worth Watching

5. Sales and reception
In the first three days of its premiere in Japan, the Superhero Academy: The Two Heroes earned about 500 million yen and ranked fourth in revenue. The total gross of the film domestically was up to 1.5 billion yen. The film also achieved great success in the Western market, grossing $ 5,768,366 in the US and Canada. The film has successfully extended the number of days it has been shown in North American theaters and was shown in 4DX format in Japan. Taking the superhero theme favored by audiences in Europe and America but still unique to Japan, it is not surprising that the film was well-received in both domestic and international markets.

For the reasons mentioned above, Superhero Academy: Two Heroes is completely worthy of fans of the manga/anime Boku no Hero Academia to enjoy the theater.




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