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Top 10 Must-Know Facts About My Hero Academia

Top 10 Must-Know Facts About My Hero Academia

1. Boku No Hero Academia is a manga and anime series that was created by Kohei Horikoshi, and it first debuted on July 7th, 2014. It is currently ongoing in Weekly Shonen Jump and has an active manga on-going with more than 70 volumes and downloadable episodes.

2. My Hero Academia came out as part of a genre that was heavily shaken up by the success of Superior Spider-Man. Now, To Horikoshi, Spider-man is what comes to his mind when thinking of what it truly means to be a hero. To him, a hero is someone who helps and brings reassurance to others; which he says is what Spider-man is all about. He built My Hero Academia around this philosophy, with the dynamic character of Spider-man serving.

3. When Hiroki Horikoshi first heard that his series My Hero Academia was going to be published outside of Japan, he didn’t think anyone outside of Japan would enjoy it. Luckily for him, My Hero Academia became a huge success overseas. That being said, he still has his doubts!

4. While writing My Hero Academia, author Horikoshi frequently has difficulties deciding on character names. These difficulties arise mainly because the name often hints towards quirks, puns, or personality traits in characters’ Kanji names.

5. When Horikoshi created My Hero Academia, he originally planned on making the cast primarily male as his crew only had three female characters. However, shortly after setting the manga’s story in progress, he wanted more diversity. After swapping the gender to all be female, he has stated he is very proud of this decision and so am I.

6. With all of the amazing characters, Horikoshi really thinks Fumikage is cool. However, this didn’t really come across in the show as cool and unique for some people who follow the series closely.

7. In the first chapter of My Hero Academia, while explaining how heroes came to be, the first silhouette from other popular superheroes from other comics like Ultraman, Superman, Wolverine, and of course Spider-man can be seen!

8. The idea of the original costume for Toru was meant to be more than just boots and gloves with a smiley face mask. She also had special attachments in her gloves that were mirrors that Shinkai-sensei created in order to have Toru be able to get himself out of service blocker

9. Todoroki has another mutation called heterochromia, which is when an individual or animal have two different colored eyes. Todoroki has one light blue eye like his father, and one gray eye like his mother.

10. Present Mic was originally going to be an old, average sports announcer, but Horikoshi thought that would be a bit too boring. This turned the character into a newer version than the one seen today.

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