My Hero Academia is a popular anime series based on the manga of the same name by Kohei Horikoshi. The series focuses on people born with superpowers known as Quirks. Izuku Midoriya serves as the main character, born Quirkless, who is determined to become a professional hero.

Izuku enters U.A. High School and his journey of becoming a superhero begins. Along the way,¬†Izuku meets many friends who are all vying to become professional heroes¬†but also just trying to live their lives as normal high school students. There are many times throughout¬†My Hero Academia¬†where school life takes over the young heroes’ lives.

When They Elect A Class President

Tenya accepts the position of class representative

During class one day, Aizawa announces that the heroes of Class 1-A will elect a class representative. The majority of the class votes for Izuku, and although the other students have faith in him, he doubts the decision.

With All Might joining the faculty, the security of the campus is threatened. When the alarm goes off one day, the students begin to panic and Tenya is the one who takes the lead and calms everyone down. Izuku then resigns his position as class representative to Tenya, who is the better fit for the position.

When They Move Into The Dorms

Students move into dorms on campus at UA

With multiple attacks from the League of Villains on the heroes and students, the faculty at U.A. believe it is in the best interest and safety of the students to have them close by. The academy constructs dorms on campus and the students move in once they are complete.

However, Izuku’s mother is worried about him and does not want him attending U.A. anymore or moving into the dorms. With some convincing from All Might, Izuku’s mother finally concedes, and all Class 1-A heroes remain together.

When They Have A Room Judging Contest

The students have a dorm presentation contest

After the students move into the dorms, their curiosity about each other increases. The students want to do something fun, so they decide to have a contest to see who has the best room presentation.

All the students go around to each boy and girl’s room, and at the end of the presentation, they vote for the best. Once all the rooms have been properly inspected, to everyone’s surprise, Sato is announced the winner because of the cakes he made for the girls.

When They Decide What To Do For The U.A. School Festival

UA students decide to have a concert for the festival

Every year, U.A. holds a festival to help students have fun and blow off steam. Each class decides what they will contribute to the festival, and Class 1-A decides to form a band and put on a music show to help lift everyone’s spirits.

The students gather in the common room of their dorm to decide band positions. The students who can’t play an instrument or sing join the dance team, and the others help with decoration and technical support.

When Togata Shows Eri Around Campus

Togata takes Eri to the school festival

After Togata and Izuku save Eri from Kai, they are determined to make her happy. Because of her dark past, Eri does not understand what it means to be happy or to smile. Togata and Izuku believe the school festival is the best place to show Eri how to have fun.

On the day of the festival, Togata takes Eri around campus to enjoy the different activities. During Class 1-A’s band performance, Eri is finally able to feel true happiness and smiles for the first time.

When All The Classes Have Fun At The U.A. School Festival

Izuku gives Eri a candy apple at the school festival

Class 1-A worked hard preparing for the school festival because they wanted to bring joy to the other students. Some students had negative feelings towards Class 1-A because of the attacks on the hero students.

However, after Class 1-A’s concert, and Class 1-B’s play, all the students put aside their feelings and just have fun together. Izuku is also able to meet up with Eri and give her a candy apple to experience for the first time.

When The Students Compete In The Quirk Apprehension Test

The UA students take part in a quirk apprehension test

One of the first things that Aizawa makes his students do after joining his class is a Quirk Apprehension Test. Now that the students are at a hero high school, they are allowed to use their Quirks, and the Quirk Apprehension Test is meant to measure their abilities.

The students suit up in their athletic clothes and head to the P.E. fields. At first, the students take it as a friendly competition, but Aizawa announces the students in last place will be expelled.

When They Have A Fun Day At The Pool

Class 1-A Has Endurance training at the pool

One day, the girls gather in class to discuss having a fun day at the pool. The girls decide to use the pool on campus, and overhearing their plans, Denki and Mineta try to find a way to get in on the action.

While the girls have fun playing volleyball and splashing around, the boys have a friendly competition to test their endurance. Though it’s not the day Denki and Mineta had in mind, they all end up having a blast.

When They Have A Christmas Party At The Dorms

UA Students have a Christmas party in the dorms

Before the second round of Work Studies begins, the students gather in the dorms to celebrate Christmas together. The common area is decorated for the season, and even Aizawa shows up with Eri, who’s dressed up like the rest of Class 1-A.

Although the students are gathered at the dorms on campus, school talk is off-limits. Instead, the students celebrate the holiday with delicious food and a gift exchange. When their celebration is over they all help clean up and make their final decisions on their Work Studies.

When They Put Friendship First

Tsu lets her friends know she was hurt by their actions

When the League of Villains attacks the hero students during the forest training camp, Bakugo is captured and taken away. Not wanting to sit back while their friend is in trouble, Izuku and some other students gather to discuss rescuing him.

Tsu voices her disapproval of the mission, but the students do not listen and still choose go after Bakugo. Tsu feels a rift in their friendship afterward and makes a teary confession, leading Izuku and the others to apologize for hurting her feelings.

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