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My Hero Academia: Some Things New Fan Need To Know Before Watching

Boku no Hero Academia is a weekly manga serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump, penned by Kohei Horikoshi, and published by Kim Dong in Vietnam under the name Superhero Academy. Borrowing the familiar superhero theme of American comics but still creating its own style, the manga has built itself a significant fan community around the world. And coming soon, the first movie of the series – My Hero Academia The Movie (Boku no Hero Academia: Two Heroes), will be released in Vietnam on 25 / first. If you’re a fan of manga, you probably won’t want to miss this movie. But even if you’ve never read the manga, you can safely go to the movies after getting a few basic facts about the manga.

 Main plot

In the world of Superhero Academy, 80% of the world’s population has special powers (kosei). In this context, the hero becomes an officially recognized social profession. However, the boy Midoriya Izuku was unlucky to be born without power. But despite being ridiculed and bullied for that, he still dreams of becoming a great hero. One day, he meets All Might – the number one hero in Japan and also his idol. After witnessing Midoriya risking his life to save a friend without even the ability, All Might was moved by his heart. He decided to pass on his powers to Midoriya and help him fulfill his dream of becoming a hero. Under the training and encouragement of All Might, Midoriya was accepted into UA (Yuei), the top academy specializing in hero training. From here, his path to becoming a true hero began.

My Hero Academia: Some Things New Fan Need To Know Before Watching 

                                                                                                                          All Might chose Midoriya as his heir of strength

Superhero society

In the world of Superhero Academy, heroes are no longer a spontaneous job, anyone with super powers can do just like American superhero movies. Because up to 80% of the population is capable, if anyone can use it freely, society will be in chaos. Therefore, the government has enacted a law to control the use of capacity. Only professional superheroes, who have been well-trained, undergo rigorous examinations and are officially certified, are allowed to freely use their abilities to catch criminals. The government also has a system of ratings and salaries for heroes based on their reputation and level of contribution to society.

High school UA

UA High School, where Midoriya attended, is a school famous for its heroic training course in Japan. Many famous heroes, including All Might, are trained here. Of course, besides the hero department, this place also has other courses. Here are some basic courses of this special school. Hero Faculty: Students in this department learn both ordinary subjects and training to become professional heroes. Its teachers are well-known professional heroes, including All Might. Upon graduation, students will officially become professional heroes. The Faculty consists of classes 1A and 1B, Midoriya belongs to class 1A. Support Department: This department aims to train inventors specializing in creating costumes and support equipment for heroes. These inventors also need to be tested and licensed before practicing. High school: Students here are learning according to the normal program. Most of the students who came here were due to failing their exams to the hero department. However, they still have a chance to be considered in the hero department if they prove their ability. Business Department: Students of this department are trained to become managers for heroes.

My Hero Academia: Some Things New Fan Need To Know Before Watching

The main characters

All Might: His real name is Toshinori Yagi. Japan’s number one superhero, who is dubbed the Peace Symbol. His great influence plays an important role in reducing crime rates and preserving social stability. 5 years ago, his body was devastated after the war with his eternal enemies. He could only use his power for three hours a day. When using the power, he will maintain a muscular body, but when the time is up, he will return to the frail homem shape. His ability is One for All – a special ability that can accumulate strength and transmit it to others, manifested in the form of strengthening muscle strength. Before he was given this power, he was also an incompetent person like Midoriya.

My Hero Academia: Some Things New Fan Need To Know Before Watching

                                                                                                                                              All Might’s form when fighting

Grade 1A students

Midoriya Izuku: The nickname is often called Deku. A gentle boy, somewhat timid but very strong when needed. He is very good at analyzing situations, observing and learning, which helped him a lot in fighting. He still has to study and train his body to master One for All, because his body is still seriously injured every time he uses this ability.Bakugou Katsuki: Midoriya’s childhood friend, for a long time or bullying Midoriya because he doesn’t have abnormal powers. His temper is short-tempered, rough and arrogant, but also very intelligent and assertive. His ability is Blast, his sweat glands secrete a substance similar to the nitroglycerin explosive, which helps him to create explosions from the palm of his hand.Uraraka Ochako: Deku’s best friend, a friendly girl , kind and always happy. Her power is Zero Gravity, and she can lose the gravity of everything by touching all five fingertips on them.The maximum gravity she can lift is about three tons, beyond which she will be dizzy and nauseous.Iida Tenya: Class 1A’s classmate, Midoriya and Uraraka’s close friend, is rigid but very serious belly and full of responsibility. His ability is Motor, calves are transformed like motors that help him run extremely fast, but limited only for a certain time.Todoroki Shouto: Quite close to Midoriya. He is somewhat aloof and reserved, but knows how to analyze situations and understand others. His ability is half-fire half-ice, he can create ice with his right hand and create fire with his left hand. For personal reasons, he usually used half the ice, so he still didn’t use the fire side fluently. However, if he only used the side of the ice for too long, he would get cold.

My Hero Academia: Some Things New Fan Need To Know Before Watching

Yaoyorozu Momo: A calm and mature girl, with good judgment and excellent tactics. Her ability is Creation, she can create anything if she understands their structure. The bigger the object, the longer it will take to create, and you cannot create living things.Kyouka Jirou: Quite friendly with Momo, a tomboyish personality who likes to tease others. Her ability is Earphone Jack, by means of the ear plugs, she can amplify her heartbeat to the point of destructive power, and can also hear extremely small sounds. Kirishima Eijiro: It’s you Bakugou’s body, enthusiasm, liberal and always full of energy. His ability is Hard, he can make his body become as hard as steel. This ability is limited in time. Kaminari Denki: Close to Bakugou and Kirishima, with a laid back and humorous personality. His power is Electric Shock, he can discharge electricity at very high intensity. Even so, he has not yet controlled his discharge range, and if he discharges too much he will become silly in a short time.Mineta Minoru: Cowardly and somewhat perverted. His ability is Sticky, he can create black balls with very high adhesive power. But if he created too much, he would bleed.

Other characters

David Shield: All Might’s best friend when he first became a pro hero in the United States. A talented inventor, specializing in making costumes for All Might. He did not know about the secret of One for All or the fact that All Might was seriously injured.Melissa Shield: Daughter of David Shield, admired All Might. Like Midoriya before, she was incompetent. So she decided to study to become an inventor who supports heroes like her father.

My Hero Academia: Some Things New Fan Need To Know Before Watching


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