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My Hero Accademia : Eye-catching And Superhero Anime

Fans of the superhero manga series Boku no Hero Academia were looking forward to when the first movie of the series, Superhero Academy: Two Heroes was finally released in Vietnam. The visual part of the movie is a big plus. The fight phase of the film is carefully cared for both in graphics and techniques. The explosions of Bakugou, Todoroki’s impressive tape control, the magnificent One for All of both Might and Midoriya teachers, until the metal control of villain Wolfram, all shown. meticulously and beautifully, completely enough to satisfy the hard fans of the superhero genre.

My Hero Accademia : Eye-catching And Superhero Anime

In addition, music is another plus for movies. In addition to the music used in the original anime series, the film also has new songs that have been composed specifically. The songs embedded in the movie are very suitable, showing all levels of emotion, from moments of grief, sadness to joyful moments of joy, and especially battle scenes. full of energy, helps viewers easily immerse into the atmosphere of the movie. The only pity was that the emotional Long Hope Philia song used in the trailer was pushed down to the credits.

The voice actors also contributed a lot to the success of the film. The voice cast comes from the original anime series, which has been praised by fans for its ability to convey emotions. The writer was especially impressed by the inspiring voice of actor Yamashita as Midoriya, especially when he shouted in pain when he watched All Might collapse. If the film’s visual, music, and voiceover totally match the original series, the content is somewhat inferior. The film has a simple plot in the style of a normal superhero movie, but there are still some details that are somewhat forced and illogical. The dialogue and character building of the film is not as subtle as the original series. The film wastes time on a few unnecessary episodes, while the important parts that need to be developed in more detail are ignored.

My Hero Accademia : Eye-catching And Superhero Anime

There are some scenes in the film that are really touching and show the value of the series – hero ideal. However, it is a pity that those episodes were not effectively utilized, making viewers’ feelings halfway through and unable to culminate. With the dream of becoming an inventor, the character Melissa Shield was supposed to have great potential, but was not focused on character building and psychological development so it eventually became lackluster compared to other characters. . The villain Wolfram did not leave any special impression. Fortunately, the film still shows the characteristic personality of All Might, Midoriya and the students of class 1A. All students in class 1A have acting ground to use the ability, as well as have a certain role in the film. The film also makes use of comedies such as Kaminari and Mineta to create a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere, helping to relieve the tension of the film atmosphere. In addition, David Shield character is built relatively special, psychological development is quite good. His story left an impression on the viewers, and played an important role in the plot. His thoughts and relationship with All Might contribute to show how the image of the All Might Peace Symbol affects those around, as well as highlight the message of the film.

My Hero Accademia : Eye-catching And Superhero Anime

If you expect the film to have as deep and sophisticated content as the original series, then perhaps the movie has not met that expectation yet. But if you need a superhero movie with spectacular fight scenes and top-notch music, then Superhero Academy: Two Heroes is a good choice.


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