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Uraraka Ochaco

Uraraka Ochaco (麗 日 茶 子), also known as Uravity, is a 1-A class student of U Trung Cao.A.A, and is being trained to become a hero. She is also one of the main characters of My Hero Academia.


Uraraka Ochaco

Uraraka has a petite appearance, fair complexion, rosy cheeks, large brown eyes, and shoulder-length brown hair, with two long strands of hair beside her face and a ponytail that covers her back. She has ten flesh pads on her fingertips, similar to the animal pads on her toes, which are used to activate her kosei.


Uraraka is a warm, lively and lively schoolgirl, thinking positively about everything, while still being objective enough to see the flaws of something or someone, Uraraka thinks that both things are born out and complement each other. Basically, she’s very harmonious and empathetic, friendly with the people she meets, and will try to help or protect anyone who has previously helped her, especially her close ones. . However, Uraraka can be extremely frank. She seems to be very good at reading other people’s minds, because she can identify and explain the reason for Bakugo Katsuki’s rivalry with Midoriya Izuku. Uraraka was also the first to notice when Asui Tsuyu felt sad.

Similar to Midoriya, her reaction tends to be exaggerated and quite humorous: Uraraka loves the traits and oddities of others, sometimes to the point where she laughs but she still tries to refrain in to some extent. Due to his frugality, Uraraka is easily irritated or surprised by the little things and can even lose his temper when faced with “real luxury”, to the point of almost fainting. Uraraka is very frugal with the use of bonuses, since she goes to extremes to save money.

Despite all these quirks, once faced with certain situations, Uraraka will have an extremely determined, focused and somewhat scary attitude. Her attitude often appears during combat, when Uraraka shows a surprising ability to think strategically, but is not too reckless and impulsive. Uraraka also dislikes being underestimated.

When it comes to the road to becoming a hero, Uraraka remains very determined, even when faced with overwhelming power. Her parents were the main motivator for her to become a professional hero, because what she wanted above all else was to give them a comfortable life. Quite honest about her goals and priorities, Uraraka did not hide her pursuit of heroic work primarily for the sake of money, though she was actually embarrassed to admit it. Uraraka does it with pride, knowing that it is for the sake of her parents.

Upon meeting Izuku, Uraraka also matured after seeing his motivation to become a hero and his benevolent nature, Uraraka wanted to be like Midoriya in terms of both emotional strength and fighting ability, which was last. along with giving her more motivation to achieve her goals. However, Uraraka fears there will be increasing feelings that will hinder her heroic activities, so she has guaranteed to keep them under control.\

On the heroic side, Uraraka has shown a greater priority in helping with disaster relief, is very passionate about Hero 13 and his expertise in the field. However, she was also aware of her physical limitations, so instead, she decided to choose a more fighting-friendly Gunhead hero to practice and learn martial arts along with increasing her melee abilities. yourself. Thanks to that decision, Uraraka developed a new fighting ability and became a hero with a higher fighting instinct.


Uraraka Ochaco

At first glance, Ochaco doesn’t seem like one of the strongest combatants, but over the course of her time at U.A. High School, she has drastically improved her combat prowess to become a very capable combatant. Her abilities earned her 3rd place in the U.A. Entrance Exam, and 10th place in the Quirk Apprehension Test. Ochaco’s main battle tactic consists of using her proficient Quirk handling to directly affect her opponents by getting close enough to make contact with them through her fingers. This consequently causes her targets to continuously float up and lose their footing, severely limiting, if not eliminating, their fighting capability. Whenever she isn’t facing an opponent in close quarters combat, Ochaco often takes advantage of ravaged areas by using her Quirk to gather wreckage without an opponent noticing, all while expertly exploiting the collateral damage of a destructive Quirk. Ochaco can release floating rubble on enemies as a long-range projectile attack, or remove the weight of certain heavy structures, holding onto them to use as an improvised melee weapon. This ability to easily clean up disaster zones also makes her useful for rescue missions. Ochaco can further use Zero Gravity to remove her own weight while increasing her body’s agility, make allies weightless so they can be carried around, and create decoys by making objects levitate slightly above the ground.

During the U.S.J. Incident, Ochaco was able to temporarily immobilize Kurogiri, a highly capable villain, thereby giving Hanta Sero and Rikido Sato an opening to subdue the villain even further. Ochaco has also proven her mettle at the U.A. Sports Festival, when she was pitted against Katsuki, one of the strongest students in Class 1-A. Despite having a disadvantage at close range, and knowing Katsuki’s abilities far exceeded her own, Ochaco managed to catch him by surprise a few times during their battle, as well as pressure him into using his full power, even though it was for an instant.

Following the Sports Festival, she trained under the Battle Hero: Gunhead to improve her hand-to-hand combat skills, becoming an even more formidable individual. Ochaco also possesses keen senses and quick reflexes, as she was able to tell when Himiko Toga was attempting to attack her and reacted quickly enough to dodge and pin the villain to the ground. Ochaco’s overall abilities make her one of the strongest female students in her class.

Ochaco’s abilities also garnered the attention of Nejire Hado, the third strongest student of U.A. High School’s Big 3, who recommended both Ochaco and Tsuyu to intern alongside her under the tutelage of Ryukyu, the No. 10 hero (formerly No. 9). Even with her stamina drained, Ochaco, alongside Tsuyu and Nejire, were still able to effectively aid Ryukyu against Rikiya Katsukame, one of the Eight Bullets. During the Joint Training Battle, Ochaco was able to subdue the unpredictable and crafty Neito Monoma, having capitalized on the latter’s attempt to replicate Izuku’s Quirk. When an immobilized Neito attempted to use a copied Poltergeist to launch a metal pipe at Ochaco, her quick reflexes allowed her to effortlessly dodge the surprise attack. Afterward, Ochaco was able to swiftly defeat both Reiko Yanagiand Yui Kodai with a single attack each.

Gunhead Martial Arts : (ガンヘッド マーシャル アーツ Gan Heddo Māsharu Ātsu): When she worked under Gunhead, Ochaco was trained in martial arts in order to attack at close range more effectively, benefiting her Quirk in combat. She has mastered several forms of grappling, take-downs, and throws by using force, including her opponents’ force against themselves. Her skill is enough to easily dispatch an opponent who tries to stab her and incapacitate them, as shown with Thirteen, a Pro Hero, and Himiko, a C-Rank Villain. Ochaco has developed a few moves that she is able to use in conjunction with her Quirk.

Tactical Intellect: Though she isn’t the most academically efficient of her class, Ochaco possesses a strategic mind that is capable of deducing an enemy’s weaknesses and combat style soon after the battle begins. Ochaco likely developed this to help cover for her initial lack of combat abilities. While Kurogiri was attempting to subdue Tenya Iida, Ochaco took notice of Kurogiri’s neck armor, realized it was a weak point, and exploited it, allowing Hanta and Rikido to briefly subdue the shrouded villain, and giving Tenya the chance to obtain reinforcements from U.A. High. Her strategic skill is sometimes doubted by, or accredited to others, and this is hinted at by Katsuki who remembered her being friends with Izuku from her attempted Meteor Shower, and assumed he was the one responsible for advising her. On the contrary, Ochaco had demonstrated great strategic ability on her own merit, as seen by her declining Izuku’s offer for help during the Sports Festival. Katsuki himself noted that it was a close call for him when he had to use his full power to neutralize Ochaco’s strategy, implying that if he hadn’t taken notice of her Meteor Shower technique, Ochaco would’ve defeated him. She was also able to discern that the watches on Neito’s Hero costume is how the latter keeps track of the time limits of the Quirks he has copied.


Zero Gravity:(無重力ゼログラビティ Zero Gurabiti): Ochaco’s Quirk gives her the power to nullify the effects of gravity on solid targets (living and nonliving) by touching them with the pads on her fingertips, causing them to become weightless and float. She is able to cancel the effect of her Quirk by touching her finger pads together.

Her Quirk is good for restraint, as those affected are unlikely to fight back since they will keep floating upwards until they are released. Ochaco takes advantage of ravaged areas to gather wreckage while also exploiting the consequences of a destructive Quirk. She can easily clean up disaster zones while simultaneously figuring out the timing of her movements so as not to damage others.

Her Quirk’s main drawback are that if the upper weight limit (around three tons) is exceeded, or if the user floats herself, she will suffer from severe nausea. Through intense training, Ochaco considerably reduced the resultant nausea and increased her weight limit. She can also now float herself for short periods of time without becoming nauseous.

Super Moves

  • Skill Release
  • Meteor Shower:
  • Meteor Fafrotskies
  • Home Run Comet
  • Levitation




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